We are a young company created during the war in Ukraine in 2022. We have the knowledge, ambitions and dreams of introducing advanced technologies in the field of energy.

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Databuro наша місія

Our mission:

To provide safe and reliable solutions for diagnostics, repair and maintenance of pipeline networks and their maintenance facilities.

We cooperate with innovative energy companies to bring our dream closer: a carbon-independent Ukraine.

Our value proposition:

Вуглецева нейтральність

Carbon neutrality

Increasing government regulation is pushing oil, gas and energy companies to seek more cyclical and sustainable solutions to meet aggressive carbon neutrality goals so that carbon dioxide emissions do not exceed the amount absorbed by oceans and forests.

We offer solutions:

  • minimization of gas flaring during planned work, such as scheduled maintenance or during emergency situations;
  • use of gas and liquid capture equipment;
  • methods of measurement, quantification and reporting of methane emissions;
  • hydrogen readiness, or H2 readiness of materials, components and systems used in pipeline networks.
Databuro Ukraine диверсифікація


Progressive oil and gas solutions are beginning to include new sources of revenue, such as renewable energy sources, advanced chemicals, biofuels, and hydrogen. This will help to form economic zones with maximum financial return.

We offer solutions:

  • application of equipment for repair of ammonia infrastructures;
  • ammonia pipelines condition diagnosis;
  • a decision to repair the urban heat supply pipeline without stopping the supply and water leakage;
  • connection of biogas pipelines to the general gas transport system;
  • equipment for heat and green energy production in commercial and industrial environments.


Digitalization is what makes diversification possible. Advanced technologies are changing the way companies work, creating more opportunities for partnerships and opening the door to new options for innovative business models.

We offer solutions:

  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) methane detection and related software;
  • UAV metal detection and related software. Magnetometer data collection systems using UAVs;
  • information modeling of pipelines;
  • application of virtual reality technologies to reduce downtime, reduce search time, increase safety and obtain consultation and supervision.

Social responsibility

For us, business activity also means social responsibility.

Anti-corruption program:

  • approved by the order of “DATABURO Ukraine” LLC No. 3 dated January 12, 2023;
  • LLC “DATABURO UKRAINE” has approved the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Program, which is based on the principle of “zero tolerance” to any manifestations of corruption;
  • all measures prescribed by the legislation are taken to prevent, detect and counter corruption, and related actions (practices);
  • the full text of the anti-corruption policy.

It’s natural for us:

  • respect for our employees;
  • thinking and acting for the long term;
  • constant progress.

Our charity:

  • medical orthopedic beds for Sosnytsia district hospital (Chernihiv region);
  • medical equipment transferred to Ihor Vitrenko foundation.

Our Partners

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6120 S Yale Ave #1700 Tulsa, OK, USA, 74136

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Dzirnavu iela 62-9, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia